Scaling with Deasha

Today we’re talking all about wanting to give up.



I know this is huge for all entrepreneurs and we all have that moment when we want to pack it all in and get a job. And maybe the entrepreneurial life isn’t for us.

So I’m going to tell you a few stories about moments, where I have thought maybe this isn’t for me, and maybe I should go back to a nine to five that would pay me money and life would be easy again!

Here are the highlights from the episode:

{1:27} Having a ‘wobble’

{4:31} Getting a coach

{5:17} How Vision Boards can help

{7:25} The 9-5 mindset

{8:51} How you get to choose how you spend your day

{9:55} Putting hard breaks into your diary

{11:19} The difference between taking a break and stopping

{11:40} Tips to get you ‘pumped up’ ready to work

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