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Today we’re talking about Using Other Peoples Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business



In this episode, I dive into the behind-the-scenes that helped me quit my job and make more money in my business than my full-time job. It is a super simple strategy with just 4 steps!

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Here are the highlights:

{1:20} It took me a while to figure out the roles, the how to do this, and how to get and attract all those clients that allowed me to double my corporate income
{2:07} What Facebook groups should I be in and where should I be and how do I find them?
{3:30} There are literally thousands of Facebook groups out there that you could be in that your ideal clients in and connecting with them
{3:49} Make sure that you find where your ideal clients are and go and hang out in those groups
{4:11} Just be a human, human in business is so much more connected and it’s so much easier to relate to people than somebody who is trying to copy a system or a process.
{4:31} This takes time and yes it is a strategy that I teach to be inside those groups for a set amount of time and get out and move on to the next thing.
{4:50} If you’re listening and you’re thinking I have no idea where these groups are what groups I should be in then I have a solution for you, Attract Dream Clients is my self-study and group program.
{5:26} Once you have found the groups then you need to be a human and groups then you need to be a human and interact in those groups you need to be you.
{5:35} Ultimately that is what is going to drive people to you if you are YOU.
{6:20} What makes you unique is what is going to sell your offer or program.
{6:32} When we look at two different offers and they’re very very similar quite often it is the personality of the person and their individual characteristics that are going to make the difference between if that person is going to sign up or not.
{6:45} Make sure that you are standing in your own power.
{7:21} When I was a social media manager I worked with wellness entrepreneurs I became the person to talk to you as if you were a wellness entrepreneur and you wanted to start to scale your business using social media management.
{8:08} I was there giving advice sharing my piece of knowledge saying if you want to jump on a call let me know, I have strategy calls that you can jump on.
{8:20} This is something that is going to make you stand out when you comment on one of those posts and you say exactly what you do and how you help rather than saying I’ll dm you or message you.
{8:37} Really take the time to write down exactly what you do because it’s not just that person that posted that post it’s going to be going through those comments it is other people as well so I really took the time every time I wrote a comment to spell out exactly who I worked with how I helped them and what I could do for that person.
{9:30} The next step in attracting clients using other people’s Facebook groups is posting in those groups making sure that you’re posting amazing content.
{9:49} Make sure that what you are doing is really leveraging that space.
{10:23} It’s going to make a massive difference if you can share that value and stand out as that industry expert.
{11:16} We have to toot our own horn, nobody is gonna toot our own horn for us.
{11:36} It comes down to your positioning and that is what you can share inside of other people’s groups that people know that you are the expert.
{11:49} Make sure that it’s coming across in your posting schedule now don’t just post and ghost the group you want to be there actively engaging and posting regularly.
{11:59} When I talk about regularly, it depends on the size of the group and the type of group how often you want to post in that group.
{12:20} Inside of Attract Dream Clients, I give you a strategy to have that rotation of posts and to know where you’ve posted those things.
{13:54} If you’ve been doing all of the three things that we’ve just discussed you’ve found the amazing groups you’ve been interacting in them and you’ve been posting in them then the missing piece is your personal profile make sure that your personal profile is inviting to those people make sure it shows them and directs them where they should be going make sure that your personal profile is really delivering people to wherever you want them to go.


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