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Today we’re talking about The Biggest Mistakes I Made With My First Facebook Group



In this episode, I share with you about my experience starting a Facebook group in 2017 which I then closed down in 2020 before launching a new group!

I share with you all the mistakes I make so that you don’t have to make them and you can learn from my mistakes and fast forward your success!

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Here are the highlights:

{1:16} Started My First Facebook Group
{2:33} I Had No Idea Who My Niche Really Was
{4:15} Didn’t Have Time To Dedicate To The Group
{5:06} There Was No Real Strategy
{6:49} Your Facebook Group Is Like A Real Disco
{8:44} The Growth Was Incredibly Slow
{9:19} I Wasn’t Out There Promoting The Group
{10:13} The Reason My First Facebook Group Failed Is Because I Wasn’t Showing Up Enough
{10:51} Launched A New Facebook Group
{11:43} Make Sure You’re Committed To The Process
{12:00} I Have A Challenge For You
{12:22} Membership
{12:58} Scaling With Deasha


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