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Today we’re talking about The Benefits Of High Ticket Signature Program



Having a signature program is the thing that has helped me scale my business to 10k months and beyond. In this episode, I tell you the story of how I signed my very first client with my high ticket offer and give you the 3 things you need to have done before you get ready to launch your offer.

Here is access to the challenge replay: www.elevateyourbrand.co.uk/challenge

Here are the highlights:

{1:08} How I started creating six-figure year, earning 10K months consistently in my business
{1:22} Creating the high ticket offer
{2:10} I hired a high ticket sales coach
{3:35} I Hadn’t Really Done A Big Launch, I just didn’t know if it was right
{3:49} I want to work with you one on one
{4:29} Imagine drinking a beer on the beach and signing a six-month offer
{4:41} That reignited the passion in me
{5:14} It was so easy, it really really flowed really easily
{5:53} It literally changed everything for me
{6:18} I knew that I had that imposter syndrome
{6:32} I was able to charge more for what I was packing into that time frame
{7:32} I want to make sure that you are starting at the basics
{7:39} Elevate Mastermind
{9:21} That involves going out and actually speaking to your ideal clients and a lot of quick win coaches won’t tell you this
{9:57} Make sure that you have people go through your program before you launch
{10:05} Branding and positioning is huge when it comes to launching a high ticket offer
{11:09} Make sure you have crossed these three things off
{11:48} Three-day Challenge
{12:19} What I want to challenge you with today is to think about your offer, think about your highest price point, have you sold it? , what does it look like, have people had amazing transformations by going through your program and
has it been market researched, has it been beta-tested or have you just sold it on a whim?

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