Scaling with Deasha

Today we’re talking about Sharing My Journey To Hitting 6 Figures In Business





Here are the highlights:

{2:30} It Doesn’t Happen Overnight
{2:50} So Many Hurdles/Things You Have to Overcome
{3:00} Working On My Mindset
{6:10} Mindset Shift
{7:49} Constantly Upleveling
{9:14} Changing Up My Program and Offering that I Create/Pricing
{10:40} Looking At How I Can Scale Without Me Involved
{12:05} Being Aligned and Creating a Vision
{14:44} Planning Out Your Year
{17:47} What I’m Facing Now
{17:55} Becoming a Limited Company
{18:34} Finding Those Accountants
{20:00} Looking At Your Team
{21:21} Scaling
{23:00} There Is So Much To Learn As An Entrepreneur and It Never Stops
{23:28} As Long As You Are Willing To Put In The Work, You Are Willing to Learn and Consistently Grow Yourself, Your Business Will Always Grow As Well


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