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Today we’re talking about Scaling with Shannon Whaley



Shannon is a Business + Visibility Coach who teaches women how to ditch the corporate culture/bro marketing mindset so they can find their flow by putting pleasure and play first. In this episode we talk about how payment plans have helped Shannon scale her business and be able to predict her income.

Here are the highlights:

{4:32} From Coaching Women to Into Business Coaching
{6:33} I had a dream that I was a Marketing Coach
{6:50} How did start getting your first clients and growing and scaling from there?
{6:55} Social Media
{7:07} Facebook groups
{7:50} Bro Marketing to Relationship Building
{11:02} I can’t go back to that way of doing things
{12:12} These small tweaks and shifts completely transformed my business
{13:57} Here’s a business course
{14:33} I have nine months of
{14:43} If you’ve been thinking about starting your business, there is no time but the present
{15:59} As soon as I offered the nine-month plan, the next day, 5 people signed up
{17:26} Was there any fear around those extended payment plans?
{19:45} Had that thing been one of the things that helped you scale?
{20:16} Profit First Method
{20:59} My goal has always been consistency
{22:26} Do you have any long contracts or any of those legal?
{22:51} What does that look like as a stacking process as you’ve built your process?
{24:52} There’s no emphasis on creating a really robust program
{25:58} Do you think there are certain things that you need to have when you’re working with your clients on a program? What does that look like for them?
{27:43} What are the benefits of the benefits?
{28:17} They’re buying the benefit of the benefit of the benefit
{29:09} What do you think is the one thing that people can start to look at now in their business as they’re scaling?
{30:47} If you build a business that’s not on stable ground, it’s gonna collapse
{32:09} What’s like one small tweak that we can make not blow everything up and start over
{33:34} You have a business to run and so you have to show up on a daily basis like you have a business to run
{33:40} Are you using Facebook or social media as a tool or a toy?
{34:36} What happens in the mastermind?
{35:50} Leaning into pleasure and play
{36:29} What do you do for fun?
{37:06} What does freedom look like to you?
{37:25} What is one personal goal you wanna tick off?


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