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Today we’re talking about Scaling with Kris Ward



Kris Ward is the leading authority in building your business by building your team. She helps entrepreneurs create their W.I.N Team (what is next) team using her signature Super Tool Kits so you can get your Idea to execution and make your ambitions come alive!! In this episode we talk about what you should not be doing whilst scaling your business.


Here are the highlights:

{3:54} Have a business that supports your life instead of consuming it

{4:40} What is NEXT team?

{5:10} WIN Formula

{7:17} $12 got me all my Friday afternoon back

{8:05} How do you build processes for your team members?

{9:30} Supertool Kits

{11:58} What do you do when you’re looking for staff members?

{13:09} P.A.S.S

{15:40} When is a good time to hire?

{16:28} 3Ds

{19:35} What can people put in place now to get them ready to create their WIN team?

{22:40} What do people not need to do?

{24:00} The Masterclass

{26:22} What do you do for fun?

{26:40} What does freedom look like to you?

{27:30} What is one massive goal you wanna tick off?


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