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Today we’re talking about Scaling with Anna Fairs



Anna Fairs focus is working with women who are hell-bent on creating businesses that will rock the world including change-makers & creatives. She helps them grow their business & brand by taking them from a relative unknown to a visible sought-after expert.

In this episode, we talk about the different areas you need to consider when working on your brand.

Here are the highlights:

{3:24} How I started with branding

{3:52} This is the thing that I really love

{4:20} It can be as easy as you have a skill and you find your ideal clients

{5:00} You have to take actions

{5:17} What do you think is the thing that helped you scale your businesses? 

{6:12} I went where my people were

{13:33} Branding to me is..

{13:56} How do you pick your imagery or words that use for your branding?

{13:38} Psychographics vs Demographics

{16:52} Do you think that people have to change their vocabulary for their branding or do you think their branding should represent their vocabulary?

{18:37} Brand blueprint

{21:13} Freedom is…


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