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Today we’re talking about Scaling To 50k Months And Beyond



Amy is a social media manager turned multi-six figure business & mindset coach and the founder of Social Cactus. In 2020, Amy was my coach and I wanted to interview her and find out how she has massively scaled her business to be on track for her first 500k year in business.

Find out more about Amy here: https://www.social-cactus.com

And access her free mini course: Sign your first high ticket client mini-course https://www.social-cactus.com/high-ticket-client-training

Here are the highlights:

{1:29} Social Practice and What You’re Doing Now
{4:28} I Found My Calling
{5:36} Grow and Scale Your Business
{7:34} Get Really Clear On..
{10:36} What Is The Belief That’s Holding you
{11:59} I’m Working Less Than Ever
{21:24} Number One Thing To Do To Scale
{21:35} Hiring A Team Member
{23:28} More Of You


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