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Jade Smith is the founder of Mrs. Smith Assist, a boutique Virtual Assistant Agency supporting online business owners in systems and marketing. In addition to advocating the agency’s success, she works with Virtual Assistants in coaching and educational training programs. Her and her husband, Paden, are both entrepreneurs and parents of their two young homeschooled children residing in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Here are the highlights:

{2:09} What is your business looks like now?
{2:23} We have gone from about one or two team members in addition to myself to have
about eight or nine.
{3:06} I found that business owners really, it was really valuable to them to be able to show up and just have one person that could kind of do everything that could kind of be their right-hand person.
{4:14} Talk to me about how you went from that one team member to eight-team?
{5:53} After the first year in business that I think laid the foundation.
{5:58} I’m really now at the place where I’m trying to be more intentional with sops in the business internally so that things can continue to grow from where they are now more successfully.
{6:12} What does your process look like? How does that look like when you’re scaling and bringing on those team members and how should other people look at that when they’re bringing on team members?
{6:49} I’m the kind of person that really think that I can do anything and so I’ll just start doing it and then of course, correct and troubleshoot later on.
{7:02} I have kind of developed my own system for how I want to do things and I really do notice the difference, if you’re missing certain pieces in the onboarding process then you’re really losing the value that you could be gaining from a particular person.
{8:04} The gist of what I do to just kind of put it all in a nutshell, is I have set up my application in an air table base and they apply through there.
{9:04} That’s really nice to kind of have that front end of things set up because sometimes that’s what really makes the most amount of time.
{9:35} If people wanted to have that template, is that something that you can implement for them as well?
{9:45} Yes absolutely and I’ve actually thought about creating you know taking all of my data out of the one I’m currently using and basically making it a template that can be sold and just plug and play.
{10:04} It has really been a game-changer.
{10:31} That was something important to me too, to implement is just that person would you bring that personal connection component back into the process.
{10:50} What about when those team members do start working with you what does that look like what does that process look like for onboarding and distributing tasks?
{10:58} I use click up.
{13:00} What are the top technologies that you see your clients using and you use in your business that entrepreneurs need to have as they scale?
{14:11} I would say for any business owner, it really depends on like what are the core components of your business.
{15:08} I would recommend for sure a tool like Dubsado.
{15:49} I know you use it for task management things, is there something that people use click up for in their business that isn’t task management based is there something that people should be using click up for that you haven’t seen people use click up for?
{16:22} I’ve seen some really cool things happening with click up I’ve I know I’ve seen real estate agents using click up to kind of manage you know as a CRM for real estate processes.
{16:56} There really isn’t a limit to what you can do with click up.
{17:40} What do you think has been the thing that has really helped you grow and scale your business is that do you think there’s one thing that’s helped you get to this point in your business so far or what does that look like for you?
{17:54} I mean it’s definitely bringing on a team like bringing on people to help and taking the time I would say like stepping back for me to have like alone time to just reflect and strategize like look at big picture.
{19:17} As a business owner, I cannot give my biggest problems to other people on my team I am the business owner I have to solve the biggest problems, and realizing that was kind of a game-changer.
{23:43} Have you ever worked on mindset has mindset been a thing that you’ve worked with when you’re scaling your business?
{23:56} There’s definitely been some mindset work, I mean I think it looks different for every person.
{25:22} What is next for you?
{25:54} I’m working currently to really streamline what we’re doing.
{26:20} I also am working with new virtual assistants in either coaching or a program.
{27:13} My goal is to really fine-tune the operations on the system side of all those things.


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