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Today we’re talking about Rebuilding A Business Putting Self Care And Boundaries First



Nichole is a powerhouse that suffered badly with her mental health in 2019 and rebuilt her business in 2020 putting self-care and boundaries first. Since then she has gone on to consistently hit 20k months with her Virtual Assistant Agency and now mentors other freelancers to build a successful business without the hustle culture that plagues the online space.

You can find out more about Nichole Howson through her website here: https://www.ReadyAIMSocial.com

Her mentoring program here: https://aimsmmarketing.com/mentorship

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Here are the highlights:

{2:22} Getting a job in 2020
{3:16} I’m really careful about how I spend my time and energy
{3:40} How did you rebuild your business, I know you’ve passed the 10k/month now, how did you do that without burning out?
{4:18} I set really good boundaries with my clients and my team
{4:35} Building out systems and strategies that would allow me to able to take a break if I need to
{6:24} How did you find that impact your personal life with being able to switch off and have you found an issue with your client being able to contact you?
{8:27} Tell me about some of the systems you’ve implemented so that your business can run on its own and you can clients and leads while still in bed?
{9:51} What would you say to someone who’s listening and who’s like, “ok, how do you go about doing all the SOPs in your business and when should they start to implement that?”
{12:10} When you scale, at what one point did you hire your full-time VA?
{13:43} You have a mentorship program, talk us through that..
{15:34} What is it that has helped you get the most client and scale successfully over the last few years?
{17:04} Talk me through your strategy on Tiktok and what did that look like?
{19:13} Do you find that that generates clients being on Tiktok and how much time did that take you to do?
{20:50} What’s next for your business?
{22:25} Is there anything you came here today to say but didn’t get the chance to say?

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