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In today’s episode, I’m talking to you about quitting your job.



This is a massive part and a huge step in any entrepreneurial journey. I’ve done it three times so I have a massive amount of experience in this area.

I wanted to share this story with you because I know this is something that you either have already done in your entrepreneurial journey, or maybe you’re looking at the way that you want to go, and this is in your future. So I wanted to share with you what my experiences were and how you can replicate this, or do it completely differently and better.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:41} The first Time Deasha quit her job

{5:02} Working in and moving to Thailand

{6:18} Working in and moving to Sydney

{7:07} Realising all that had changed was the location

{9:30} Working in and moving to Bali

{13:51} Back to England

{15:40} How Deasha finally pushed the enter button and quit her job for good

{17:27} Building out the business in Southern Spain

{19:55} How quitting your job never gets easier but is so worth it

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