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Today we’re talking about Productising your Business for Guaranteed Results with Robin Waite



Robin Waite is the best selling author of several books and in this episode, we talk about his latest book, Take a Shot. Robin has a skill of looking at a business and understanding how you can productise and structure your business so you stop exchanging time for money and instead deliver results in your program.

If you have been thinking about your business and how you can stop exchanging time for money then this is an episode for you!

Grab a copy of Robin Waite’s book for free here: https://fearless.biz/tys he will even autograph it for you if you are in the UK.



Here are the highlights:

{1:35} My Book
{4:41} How You Built Yur Business
{9:05} Productisation
{11:26} Three Specific Levers You Need To Pull
{17:08} Proven Results
{18:27} Money Back Guarantee
{21:49} How Have You Grown Your Business?
{23:05} Why Do You Think I’m More Succesful Than You?
{23:48} Marketing Activity
{24:00} Marketing Assets
{24:30} Marketing THOSE Assets
{25:37} The Best Asset is the Actual Community
{26:08} We Made Our Program Unlimited
{27:04} Number of Setups to Support the Group
{27:21} FREE OFFER: Take Your Shot
{28:34} What Stops A Lot of Business Owners Into Scaling is Perfection
{28:50} The Fastest Way To Grow Anything Is to Actually Listen To Your Community and Get Feedback


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