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Today we’re talking about Multiple 6 Figures Using Facebook Groups With Michelle Vroom



In this episode, I am joined my Michelle Vroom multiple 6 figure entrepreneur that has scaled her business using Facebook groups! We talk about how she structured her business to take maternity leave, employs team members and nurtures her group members so that they are ready to buy on average within 90 days of them joining her Facebook Group!

This is a must listen to episode!

Make sure you join Michelle’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketlikeabossgroup

and check out her podcast Market Like a Boss!


Here are the highlights:

{3:09} How Did You Start The Business?
{4:26} I Started Doing Anything And Everything Marketing Related
{4:46} What What The Thing That Helped You Scale?
{4:59} Focusing On Fewer Services
{6:48} Testing
(8:55} How Do You Structure Your Business As You Grow?
{10:20} I’m Focused On The Things That I Can Do Really Well
{11:10} Business Is A Process
{13:54} My Business Is My Baby
{14:56} I’m Afraid This Baby Is Going To Tank My Business
{17:50} Setting An Example For Them Of How To Run A Business That Actually Honors The Boundaries You Wanna Honor
{18:00} What Do You Think Is The Thing That Helped You Scale To Multi Six Figures?
{18:13} Thousand Percent My Facebook Group!
{20:17} You Can’t Automate Relationships
{22:47} I Have Utilized Ads, They’re Just Not My Primary Marketing Strategy
{23:00} You Need To Have An Audience You’re Actively Building
{23:40} We Have a Whole Lead Tracker
{26:27} How Did You Grow Your Group?
{26:30} Hanging Out On Other Groups and Talking About
{26:53} I Certainly Promote My Group Regularly
{28:20} How Do You Manage Your Time on Facebook
{31:47} So Much as Scaling Is Scaling In Your Own Mind


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