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Today we’re talking about Leveraging Your Facebook Group



You have a Facebook group but you need to know how to leverage it and really make the most out of it. In this episode, we dive into the 5 things that are going to help you leverage and make money from your Facebook Group.

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Here are the highlights:

{1:49} Five Elements To Growing/Leveraging Your Community

{1:58} Growth

{2:38} 3 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group

{2:44} Organic Growth

{3:23} Ads

{3:39} PR

{5:08} Content

{6:00} Value Content

{7:20} Three Levels of Value You Have to Consider

{7:36} You Are You

{8:42} They Will Convert

{8:52} Make sure that your content is speaking to them

{8:56} Sales

{9:39} If you wanna sell something, post about it.

{9:59} Engagement

{10:34} Sending messages inside the group

{11:57} Be a person people want to reach out to

{12:24} Opening up your direct messages

{12:57} Growing a Profitable Facebook Group Program


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