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This is the 6 month anniversary episode of Scaling With Deasha and I thought, it would be perfect to invite Lynsay to join us, who was the lady that helped me kick it all off!

In this episode we dive into how Lynsay scaled her business to hiring team members and how you can launch your very own podcast!

Lynsay Gould is a Podcast & Business Coach with over 20 years experience as an, award winning trainer, coach and mentor. She is the founder of the Podcasting for Business Awards which champions Indie podcasters from all over the world and is the host of the top ranking podcast, Podcasting for Business.

You can join her Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1812987755694279

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Here are the highlights:

{2:02} How did you start your business?
{3:22} I took a massive leap of faith and I went 100 all in with podcasting.
{4:12} What has been one of the things that helped you or if there’s one thing that’s helped you scale and build sort of the agency structure that you’ve got now?
{5:58} I think they’re the two biggest things it’s sort of doing things before I’m ready and having the right people behind me.
{6:09} What was it that made you hire your first full-time staff member and are they based in the uk as well, has that been easier for you?
{6:41} It was having to turn clients away and work away because I physically couldn’t fit it in.
{6:58} Anybody who’s thinking oh should I have an employee should I get somebody on board even if it’s on a contract basis just do it. You are standing in your own way definitely if you’re not doing that.
{7:11} How did you find all your clients? How did you get like build that brand awareness for yourself?
(8:45} The biggest one has always been around just having that self-belief.
{9:24} If everybody could make seven figures online you know nobody would be in a job would they’d all be doing that so it does take hard effort sometimes and it does take hostility it does take long hours but for me personally, it’s been worth it.
{9:42} Do you think there was where you thought I can do this I can build the agency was there something that went that just clicked for you that you knew that okay I am going all-in?
{11:25} My husband is coming out of teaching and he’s starting his business in January so that’s probably one of the biggest moments I’ve had where I’ve thought ah okay are actually doing this now.
{12:50} Do you think podcasting of your podcast specifically helped you attract clients and build that business or has it been something else?
{13:03} It’s been a combination so one of the things that I find with my own podcast but also with my client’s podcast, in particular, has been this sort of bonus.
{13:59} That’s sort of a benefit that we don’t often think about when we start a podcast we think about it as oh you know I’m going to put out weekly content I’m but you don’t think about that return on the investment necessarily where you start to get clients based on the fact that they’ve heard your podcast.
{15:35} What do you think is the key if somebody’s listening along and thinking I need to start a podcast?
{18:11} Two things, the first one is to be on a podcast and again I’ll share some resources and secondly have a strategy have a reason for starting your podcast if it’s something you want to do.
{19:36} So that was something that really made a difference to me is hiring somebody.
{20:18} What do you think is the basic equipment that people need if they’ve not got a huge budget to kick off their pockets?
{20:55} if you’re gonna spend money anywhere with your equipment it’s on your microphone.
{22:45} The next thing you’ll need is a pair of headphones.
{24:37} What about editing a podcast is that hard work?
{24:50} It’s not hard necessarily but it’s a skill.
{25:12} It’s just about knowing how to polish the sound up in the best possible way how to make it sound as rich and fantastic as your voice can do, the mic helps with that quite a lot but the editing is a big thing.
{25:52} Even if you’re thinking to yourself I’m not techy I’ve not got a clue you absolutely can, you can start a podcast and edit it perfectly well it just takes a bit of time and practice.
{27:03} Don’t let the tech get in the way of starting because it’s really simple for somebody else to pick it up and do it for you.
{27:12} What do you think is the number one thing people need to know about podcasting?
{27:57} When you’re thinking about where you can make a name for yourself where you can get seen and heard where you can offer a lot of value a podcast is definitely the way to go.


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