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Today we’re talking about How You Can Use Reels To Increase Reach On Instagram



Corey Walker is the co-author of Instagram for Dummies, and Instagram for Business for Dummies, and the owner of The Marketing Specialist digital agency.

In this episode, we dive into Reels, how to create them, why you should be creating them and where to find inspiration for them.

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Here are the highlights:

{1:36} How did you get into Instagram?
{3:06} How do you use Instagram? How do you find it to attract client?
{4:06} Is there a way to use it for direct selling or do you recommend just using it to establish your expertise?
{5:00} Do you find that the Instagram platform has any limits when it comes to scaling?
{6:25} Let’s talk about Reels.. What is the best way to create reels and have a consistent stream of content?
{9:58} Music on Reels for Business accounts
{11:50} What should people be talking about on their reels?
{14:09} Is there an app you use to edit them or do you do it directly from Instagram?
{15:44} How do you outsource that?
{17:24} Is there a certain way or hashtag to get more reach?w
{21:24} How many reels should people be posting?
{26:23} Is it good to share reels on TikTok as well?
{28:15} What do they need to know to start with?
{30:53} How many views are you averaging on a reel?
{33:23} Is there anything that people should know before they start creating reels?


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