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Today we’re talking about How To Plan Your Year Ahead



In this episode, we dive into planning 2022! I give you a breakdown of how to get stuck into planning your year and why this is so important! I share my stats and goals for this year and how I have hit them.

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Here are the highlights:

{1:00} 2020
{1:28} Planning what the entire year would like
{1:26} That allowed me to make 2021 the year I finally hit 6 figures in my business
{2:47} Planning Retreat
{3:32} How do you do it when you’re doing it on your own
{3:40} Set some time aside
{5:39} Get stuck in your vision
{6:16} Get crystal clear with the vision you’re creating for your life
{7:01} When do you wanna work?
{8:35} How much money do you wanna make?
{10:26} Making sure that your goal lights you up and gets you excited
{11:11} Conversation Rate
{11:43} If you’re not on track, you need to shift and make some changes
{12:05} KPI and Celebrating Your Milestones
{13:07} Plan out your launches
{14:48} Looking at your team + outsourcing

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