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Today we’re talking about Grouptrack Automation With Jenna



Jenna is the Founder and Coach of Drive Performance Coaching as well as the Co-Founder of GroupTrack CRM. She helps entrepreneurs monetize their “genius” through communities, conversations and compelling offers. We talk about the amazing software she has created and the follow up formula that is really helping people to sign clients and have conversations consistently.

Here are the highlights:

[2:11] How Do You Split Your Time Between Two Businesses
[3:00] Scaling And Systems In Place
[3:23] Do You Split Your Days Up By Business?
[4:52] Connect Your Coaching Business To A Tool
[5:25] How You Started GroupTrack
[8:59] You Have The Idea, You Saw The Gap, How Did You Do It?
[9:36] Get Your Feet Wet, Take The First Step
[10:35] How Did You Find Grouptracks And How Is It Different To Everything Else Out There?
[12:00] It Should Be Easy For A Non Techy Person
[13:00] We’re About To Relaunch Groupchat
[14:22] We’ve Great Relationships with Our Client
[16:00] The Follow Up Formula Works
[16:23] The Potential Reach is Limitless
[18:05] Working With Key People In The Industry
[19:15] My number 1 strategy would be a partnership
[22:50] The Strategy is More Important Than Anything
[23:48] Call To Action Posts
[24:10] How Do We Get People To Tell Us They Have A Pain or Goal They Wanna Achieve?
[26:26] The Lead Magnet
[27:40] Strategy
[29:09] What We Teach Is Relationship Building
[33:25] What Is One Thing That You Wanna Leave With The Audience Who Is Thinking That They Need To Scale But Have No Idea How To Do It or Where To Even Start?
[36:20] Systems and Strategies


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