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Today we’re talking about Getting PR for your business with Michelle and Christian



Michelle and Christian are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to PR, they have secured some massive national press and share some really insightful things that will help you to do the same.


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Here are the highlights:

{1:42} Tell us more about you and what you’ve done with your clients recently
{2:40} Our whole business model have had to change rapidly in response to the covid pandemic
{3:21} What has it been like over the last 12 months, have you always worked at home together?
{5:00} Do you think there was something in particular that has helped you scale or grow over the last 4 years?
{5:11} I would say the thing that most rapidly change was the pandemic, that was the key moment
{5:47} The quickest thing for us to do was to turn our abilities to actually teach people to be their own PR person and offer support via Zoom
{7:47} From done for you PR service to do-it-yourself type of service, how did you find changing that and marketing to a completely different audience?
{8:21} In some ways, while we always gave our 100% to those clients, we were typically doing the same thing a lot of times because we were with them for 3-4 years
{8:53} It was a real kind of psychological stretch for us to really dig deep into our own personal experience and come up with fast thinking ideas and also learn how to manage people’s mindset
{9:23} It was probably 95% coaching and 5% technique just to help people get there
{9:45} It really took a massive shake-up for us to see that we could work in a different way and not only work differently but actually really enjoy, that that change that was crucial.
{10:19} We’ve never doubted our abilities but we were just embracing so many different things at once.
{11:26} Did you use PR when you launched your do it yourself service?
{13:46} You really just need to take it to step by step day by day just grow confident in what you’re doing and things will will develop from there.
{14:04} What do you think you can share with us and the listeners around what they can start to implement if they’re brand new or if they’ve been using pr or even if they’ve had a done maybe done for you service in the past but are now looking to go and do it themselves? What is the first step in this pr thing? How do you even start?
{14:49) What we’re passionate about is normalizing pr making it part of your overall marketing strategy so it’s something that you do consistently so you can benefit from it in the longer term rather than this is kind of like one-off hit so that’s something that is a mindset thing.
{15:16} We always say the best place to start is understanding your pr personality and what we mean by that is where do you naturally feel comfortable?
{16:04} We always say to take the stress out of pr lean towards the direction that feels most comfortable for you.
{18:32} Don’t put yourself in a situation that feels uncomfortable. We talk about it our,
the way we teach it is you are all on a comfortability curve.
{19:26} That’s the secret formula, it really is you don’t have to do something that doesn’t if it makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to do it.
{20:30} How do you find these people whether it’s a blog or radio or tv, how do you find the people that you need to speak to, to submit your ideas or your pitch?
{20:40} Two Types of PR
{25:51} Journal Request
{26:42} How do you decide what your story is?
{27:07} Free download, 20 story ideas that are applicable to any business owner
{27:50} Our golden rule with storytelling is to put humans first people first strategy
{28:47} We know that people buy from people
{30:42} How do you handle that side of things? (Backlash)
{32:37} Credibility Piece
{34:52} Three Random Questions


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