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As a podcaster and keynote speaker, Ashley DeLuca is widely regarded as the go-to source for all things email marketing for e-Commerce and service-based businesses. She has been featured on Thrive Global, Funnel Magazine, GoDaddy, Mind of George, and many others. Ashley will be the first to admit that she’s obsessed with avocados, sea turtles, and email marketing. (And won’t ever pass up a good cup of coffee!)


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Here are the highlights:

{2:33} If people have no audience, where do they start with building up an email list and how do they get people to open their emails?
{2:45} Pick a platform
{3:05} Focus on what works best for your brand
{3:09} Intentional customer journey
{3:44} Make sure your intentions are very clear
{5:05} The standard for a welcome sequence across the board is five, but I’ve changed mine to eight
{5:14} How people use email vs social media
{7:31} When people are going on social, why are they going on social?
{7:45} It’s so important to use your email to actually pair that CTA
{9:04} What is a good open rate and how do people increase their open rate?
{9:23} Your open rate is actually 50% of your subject line and 50% of the relationship you have with your subscriber
{9:28} The thing is when people are going through their inbox, they’re either looking at the subject line or they’re looking at the name of the person who sent it
{9:37} So for subject lines specifically, I usually look for about 30%
{9:52} Each and every single email list is completely different
{10:11} I really focus on the relationship side more than just like trying to figure out the best subject line
{10:22} If you are finding that your subject or your open rate is like tank, the first thing you want to do is clean your list.
{10:40} Anybody who hasn’t been opening your emails in the last 90 days, you should try to re-engage with them
{11:23} The second thing is that conversational email subject lines always win
{12:51} Is there some things that will always go into spam? Things that are no-nos in your subject line or in the copy of your emails?
{13:13} The actual terms change quite often in terms of with what kind of not or considered not acceptable
{13:53} It’s also really incredibly important to really take a look at your email marketing provider because a lot of times your deliverability it’s 50% on you, and 50% on your provider.
{15:18} Glock Apps
{16:00} The most important thing for you to do is to take a look and just have a discussion with your email marketing provider
{18:00} What other things do people need to know about emails? What should people send and how often should they be sending?
{18:09} I like to take their approach of jab jab jab right hook by Gary Vee
{18:37} I like to tell people that they need to send as many emails as they can actually do whatever is reasonable for you.
{18:54} I would rather you send one really good email than 4 crappy emails
{19:04} If you have a list that’s over 3000 people, you will want to consider doing two emails a week but you’ll want to segment them um specifically based on your audience or based on the offers that they are interested in.
{19:27) When do you think you should start adding those segmentations into your list?
{19:46} It’s really important to actually separate the two and to be able to start tracking from the get-go.
{20:14} It’s really important to tag them based off of the offer they get so that way you can then target that specific group of people for your next offer or for the next step.
{20:23} Is there an automated way to do that or do you have to manually go in?
{20:31} It depends on how you manage
{21:51} It just is very extremely custom based
{22:22} Let me make it simple so one email, one CTA unless it’s your like first initial welcome email.
{22:34} Generally speaking one CTA per one email and within this, what I like to do is when I’m outlining my emails I actually first take a look specifically at what the purpose is the three kinds of main points, and then the CTA.
{23:06} Having an outline is so incredibly important that way when you’re writing you know what to expect next but also within this as well too I like to actually integrate my CTA within the copy.
{23:55} The most important part is making sure your segue works.
{25:59} Share from a scar, not a wound.
{27:04} At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, it’s really again just about intention. What is the intention behind sending the email and when you’re going through and even planning out for a launch or anything whether you know it could just be you know your monthly campaigns.
{27:43} It completely changes the game within how your relationships show up in email, how they show up online, and how they all coincide together.
{28:28} Sometimes the wins aren’t necessarily because they opened or even clicked in the email the win comes from you sending the email and reminding them that you exist and that your offer is available to them.
{29:27} The Email Strategy Lab

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