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Today we’re talking about Creating Your Vision For 2022



It is the time of year when we start to look forward to 2022, what is the year ahead going to look like. How are we going to plan for the most successful year yet in business. In this episode, I dive into how I plan for the year to reach my goals, this year I hit my 6 figure income goal and launched new products to allow my income to continue to grow and leverage my time, I knew this was how the year was going to go in December 2020 because I had planned for it.

Here are the highlights:

{2:47} Having A Vision Board
{3:45} What Goes On a Vision Board
{5:11} Measure of Success
{5:40} How Much Money Do You Want To Make
{7:04} What Do You Want To Learn?
{10:13} Moving Toward Your Vision
{10:58} Goal Bowl
{12:37} Tracking The Money That Comes In Your Life
{13:46} What Are You Going To Be Spending On
{15:40} Celebrate Everything!

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