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Today we’re talking about Creating More Consistent Income with Jodi Rumack



Jodi is on a mission to help Coaches create Consistency in their businesses by implementing a Group Coaching model with recurring revenue so that they can ditch the revenue rollercoaster, easily scale with a team, and have a business and life that they love. In this episode we talk about the power of virtual events to really help build those relationships for the long term.


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Here are the highlights:

{1:29} Tell us your story.. how did you build the accelerator circle, how did you become what you are doing today?
{3:48} I knew that this time, I wanted consistency
{6:23} A lot of people think they can’t start a group program as their first offer
{6:35} That’s the beauty of coaching
{7:40} How have you managed to scale that over the last years and bring people consistently?
{8:04} The main thing was creating relationships
{9:08} Start creating relationships without the intention of specifically selling them now
{11:03} What is another thing that has really helped you build this business over the last years?
{11:18} Major mindset work
{13:05} There’s no way mentally, creative space, time, anything I could’ve done that if I hadn’t hired first
{13:17} It was all about making the decision to hire knowing where I wanted to go and not based on where I actually was at the moment
{14:17} It was always recognizing where you are and what you need in order to get there
{15:14} We have to get ourselves into this place of believing, of knowing it’s gonna happen
{16:33} Getting clarity around what you want that success to look like
{20:16} What can our audience can do now to start to build out that scaling system and that consistency that is all about the accelerator circle?
{20:29} Create an offer that has at least 6 months in the plan
{21:23} Start hosting virtual events
{23:38} It’s everything.
{24:41} As your signature revenue model, which is what I call it, recurring all the way
{24:54} The Consistency Code
{25:41} What do you do for fun?
{26:28} What does freedom look like to you?
{27:19} What is one huge personal goal that you wanna tick off?
{28:16} Freebie: The Ultimate Guide To Consistency and Scaling


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