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Today we’re talking about Creating An Offer Stack And When To Do It



Knowing when to scale you business and build out other offers is often the tricky bit about scaling a business.In this episode, I break down the numbers for you, when to add the next offer to your stack and what you stack should look like as you grow.

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Here are the highlights:

{1:14} What is an offer stack?
{1:54} An office stack is just a selection of offers
{2:18} The idea behind an office stack is either people can work with you through your offer stack or the alternative or people can pick and choose where they are in their world
{3:19} Start your offer stack with one-on-one offer
{4:04} When do you scale up?
{4:10} What I recommend is that my clients don’t scale up to a complete offer stack until their one-on-one offer is booked out, whatever booked out looks like for you
{5:05} Once you have booked out your one-on-one offer, then it’s time to start creating that offer stack
{5:22} What a good method is, is a group program
{6:01} Creating an offer that is a group program that leverages your time
{6:45} Being an entrepreneur when you’re sat in your spare room in your office and you are talking to the camera all day, it can get lonely
{7:09} When we created the elevate mastermind, was about creating that sense of community
{7:27} We wanted to make sure that the elevate mastermind was a place where people could feel really supported
{9:17} Now is the time to create that course
{10:35} The power of having a self-study program
{10:44} A one-on-one, a group program and then a self-study course
{11:03} Freebies and experiences
{11:18} These are like almost cement blocks in the foundations of your business
{11:52} It can look like different ways depending on your ideal clients
{12:26] it is a great way to build that know love and trust factor with people
{12:47} Let’s go to basics
{12:53} An offer stack would look from a triangle point of view at the bottom you would have your freebie, the next step up would be your experiences and then the top stack would be your one-on-one
{13:21} That is when you would sign up for your group program
{13:57} Price point wise, courses usually are cheaper than a group offering and cheaper thatn a one-on-one offering
{14:38} Let’s talk numbers
{16:00} Make sure that you know your numbers
{16:08} Get clear on what type of group program you want to run


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