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Today we’re talking about Contracts You Need To Have In Your Business



Shahara Wright is an experienced and highly sought-after business law attorney and business strategist. She is the author of From Entrepreneur to CEO and host of the CEO Collaboration Circle. Shahara founded Contracts Done Wright to help entrepreneurs and business owners have more access to contracts and business forms to help their businesses thrive. In this episode, we dive into the contracts you really should have in your business!

Shahara is USA-based so we do talk about contract law in that country but these contracts really should be covered in any country you reside in.

If you would like to access Shahara’s 8 step guide then head here: https://theceoeffect94751.activehosted.com/f/15


Here are the highlights:

{00:49} Tell us more about you
{1:23} What does that look like in terms of legal needs? How often do people need you? How does that look like?
{1:23} What made you get into this realm of work in the first place?
{5:12} How did you grow your business?
{6:36} When did you transition to moving things online?
{11:53} What do we need to have in our business as we start to scale and what should that look like?
{16:08} Privacy policy, what else do we need?
{18:18} Cookie policy, what do you think about that?
{20:08} When do you need these policies?
{22:50} What else do they need?
{31:11} When you draft these contracts for a client, do you draft them based on a template or do you draft it fresh with all the information from the client?
{37:37} Is there anything you want to say that you hadn’t had the chance to say yet?


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