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Today we’re talking about How To Build A Wealthy Business Rather Than A Cash Generating Business



Anwin is a wealth strategist and genius when it comes to setting up your business not only to generate cash but to really generate wealth in your life. She is passionate about helping women to set up businesses that provide a wealthy lifestyle with strategy and systems to optimise the money that is coming into your business.

You can take Anwin’s quiz here: www.wealthfluency.com/wealth-booster-quiz

Or sign up to her group program here: https://wealthfluency.thrivecart.com/c2p-mastery/


Here are the highlights:

{1:33} How did you get into this field?
{3:45} The only way to build wealth is not business
{4:15} Everyone has multiple sources of income
{6:10} How should we be structuring our finances to become more wealthy?
{7:58} What is your definition of wealth?
{11:10} Take the word wealth and what does it mean to you?
{12:23} Let’s start with a 6 figure year, what is the best way to set up our businesses from a financial perspective to be able to maximize that money and turn that into wealth?
{12:52} Pay yourself
{13:43} These are the five places you need to split your money out into: your pay, your taxes, your profits, your operational costs, and then the last thing is expense
{14:20} By taking all those elements out first you know that, you’ve got only got this amount of money left on expenses
{17:00} The struggle that I saw when COVID first hit, a lot of people had income-generating businesses, it allowed you to pay your bill, full stop and that was it
{18:00} How much of a budget do you think people need?
{20:16} When you talk about forecasting, what does that really mean?
{26:45} You make more money doing what you do
{27:35} What do you need a wealth strategist for? What exactly do you do for businesses?
{28:13} Dig deep to go high
{29:30} Your system should always complement your process
{31:05} Look at your taxes and exit plan
{36:13} It’s about sustainable wealth
{37:40} Wealth Afluency Quiz
{40:50} What I want to impart


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