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Today we’re talking about Breaking Income Plateaus With Amanda Rivera



Amanda is a Business Systems Coach & done for you marketing agency owner whose on a mission to help coaches automate their business so they can focus more on healing and serving their clients versus what tech to set up, marketing strategy to implement, or software to use.

Shes been featured in Forbes, BBC News Business Insider, HuffPost, MindBodyGreen and has done brand collabs with Thinkific and Hellobar on her marketing strategies. And believes you deserve to have the freedom you set out to get when you started your business!

And in this episode, we dive into how you can move past those income plateaus that so often plague us as entrepreneurs.

Grab her free launch prep in a day kit filled with everything you need to easily launch your next offer on social media today: https://www.inspiremeamanda.com/pleasure-queen-launch-prep

Or find out more about Amanda on her website here: www.Inspiremeamanda.com

Here are the highlights:



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